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About Dr. Stratton Poulson

Chiropractor - Dallas, TX

I’ve been a martial artist for my entire life, when I was three years old, I started in Taekwondo & Karate, eventually becoming an instructor in my late teens. Over the years I sustained quite a few injuries and I saw other people that I trained with get injured as well.


I was always helping people when they were injured, rubbing shoulders, arms, and backs. That’s how I eventually decided to go to massage school, where I graduated and got my license shortly after my 18th birthday.

I worked as a massage therapist for 13 years, mostly focused on helping people with sports injuries, car accident injuries, and CrossFit injuries. Eventually, I wanted to progress my career, learn new skills, and help more people, so I went back to school to become a Chiropractor.

I was never really interested in being a Chiropractor until I suffered an injury in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was thrown during practice and injured my rib. I somewhat reluctantly went to the Chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend, and even though I was skeptical of Chiropractic at the time, he fixed me up basically 100% in 2-3 visits. I was amazed.

After that, and a few other injuries where the Chiropractor fixed me up, I was convinced that I’d like to become a Chiropractor myself.

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The Apex Chiropractic Approach

We take a 3 part approach to treatment for most conditions at Apex Chiropractic in Dallas, TX.

1: The Adjustment - Your doctor will examine your spine or extremities for quality of movement and pain, then if needed, your doctor will deliver a gentle and controlled force to the joint to establish proper motion.

2: Soft Tissue - Your doctor will examine your musculature for painful spots, spasms, and areas that reproduce your primary complaint. If needed your doctor will use manual techniques to treat your musculature in order to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve overall function.

3: Therapeutic Exercise - Your doctor will examine your musculoskeletal system and the quality of your movements. If needed, your doctor will prescribe exercises for your specific condition in order to reduce pain, improve strength and regain lost range of motion.


Depending on your condition, your doctor may teach you exercises to perform at home to help you become self-sufficient, or you may spend some time in structured rehab with one of our trusted Physical Therapists. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

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"I Highly Recommend Apex Chiropractic"

I reached out to Dr. Poulson with severe pain in my neck and he responded quickly and got me in the same day, even though they were closed.

He was extremely professional and took his time helping me understand my issue and explaining to me what needed to be done.

The next day, my pain was far less severe and I was able to be back to my day-to-day activities. I had so much relief! I highly recommend Apex Chiropractic and Dr. Poulson. 
- Meagan Jacobs.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"I Feel Brand New!"

Dr. Poulson was only the second person to ever adjust me and it was AMAZING!! I recently was in a car accident and he worked on my neck and shoulder that had been causing me problems. It has never felt better!!


He found the root of my problems right away. I popped in places I hadn’t been popped before and it felt SO good!! I will definitely continue to go in to see him and have him adjust me, as well as work on my shoulder and neck!! I feel brand new!


He’s very helpful and welcoming. He explained everything so that I understood what was going on. Cool and great doc!! - Sydney B.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"Do Not Hesitate To Book Your Appointment"

Suffering from severe stress and anxiety, my entire body, neck, and back was beyond tense. In addition, I sprained my knee and had so much pain. My sister sent me a link for Dr. Stratton Poulson she found on Instagram to check out and I watched all his videos. I took a chance and was extremely happy I did.


This man is amazing and very knowledgeable to say the least!!! I felt much better after the first visit (I shed tears)! I came home and just started referring him to all my family and friends. I have continued my sessions for treatment and anxiously look forward to every visit. Booking the appt was easy, there is no wait when I go, and the BEST part, my knee pain has gone from an 8 to a 4.


Do not hesitate to book your appointment, you'll be glad you did! Thank you Dr. Poulson! - Blanca B.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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